52 Week Saving Challenge

Reference Chart – FOOD
Now in the watch list Daily Chart Historical Dividend last one was last 2011… more

Philippine Stock Market February 6, 2014 Top Gainers/Losers
Philippine Stock Exchange Index or PSEi is up by only 6 points to close at 5,914.59 Looks like the bulls are about to abandon the ship. Will there be a blood bath tomorrow? Most active stock by value are AGI, URC, SMPH, RRHI, TEL, LTG, MEG, ALI, AP and BDO. Check the top gainers and … more

Customer Service Innovation: Don’t Grow Without It
Read more of the post Customer Service Innovation: Don’t Grow Without It on Pinoy Bisnes Ideas…. more

Some Ways To Develop Money Savings Habits
Hello! I have a new post and I’m hoping you might take the time to read it.One of the problems most people have is saving money, and it seems to get harder every year. One of the reasons for this lack saving money is not having a plan. The key to saving money is getting into certain habits. By following a few tips a person can not only save lots of […]The post Some Ways To Develop Money Savings Habits appeared first on Think Rich. Be Free..


Inspiring investing
QUESTION: I am an OFW about to return to the Philippines. I have some money saved up that I want to invest. However, I am told that there are not that many options to invest back in the country. Would you advise me to just keep my money in foreign currencies and invest them outside […]… more

Bargains Galore at the Markets
I did say at the last post that I was loving the volatility. For the last few days I’ve definitely getting a good exercise at patience. It was quite tempting when I look at the prices and they are looking cheap enough to buy. But before any buying, I am looking at volume, which had … more

52 Week Saving Challenge
I believe most of you have seen this post from Kuripot Pinay’s blog about the 52 weeks saving challenge that went viral on Facebook. The idea is simple. All you have to do is to save Php 50 for the first week of the year and add the same amount for the next 51 weeks and you will be Php68,900 richer at the end of the year.50s incrementIt may seem easy to save Php50 during the first few weeks, but you may notice starting week 40 you have to save at least Php2,000! But for those, who would like…… more

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